The "DON" dun it again!

You have to tune in on Monday night, March 31, from 7 til it’s all said on “INSIDE FLORIDA RACING” !!!
Learn from the most controversial promoter in Florida short track racing what’s up his sleeve next!
What is he doing at COLUMBIA MOTORSPORTS PARK??? MORE news on the MOTOR WARS!!!
Ken Kenny, one of Floridas newest promoters previews the UNITED DIRT LATE MODEL CHALLENGE SERIES race being held at EASTBAY!!!
We have some awesome drivers lined up too and will announce them tomorrow!!!
It just keeps getting better at “INSIDE FLORIDA RACING” !!!

Carol Wicks, Assistant Producer, aka OZ

You have to tune in on Monday night

no, i don’t think so.

Just once I’d like to see the promoter of Florida’s premier touring late model series (or almost any touring class on pavement for that matter) be referred to as “most effective” or “most respected” or “best at getting car counts” instead of “most controversial.”

Being “the most controversial” doesn’t cut it for me if it means our premier events won’t be attended by out-of-state invaders because of foolish motor rules and at this point we should work to getting all the late model drivers we can because our state’s drivers sure aren’t coming out in droves at the moment.

I guess being “the most controversial” means that six to nine drivers will run your series full time. Goody for us paying fans!