I hope Jack Smith don't mind, but....

this is BIG!

This is a guarenteed purse, no entry, open tire rule, carolina clash body rules,(pretty much dirt LM with spoiler height rule i think). NO ENTRY FEES no hidden charges and guarenteed reguardless of car count…this is promoting at it’s finest and the folks putting on this race aren’t even professional promoters. Lots of hard work for a good cause to get this purse put together. i wanted everyone to have the opportunity to see this along with the fact guys having $500 to win bomber races with $125 entry fees to take notice and get off their asses and promote(sell) the race to sponsors instead of living off the racers and the back gate with entry fees making the drivers pay their own purse…all it takes is a little initiative and a lot of effort! which most won’t make anymore.:frowning:

After he reads this I don’t think he will.