Pandora Jewelers Driver of the Month...Huge Announcement Coming

The decision has been reached by the co-hosts of Inside Florida Racing and this month’s winner will be announced on Monday night April 7. 7-9 PM!

Also Monday night, the announcement will be made about the spectacular PANDORA JEWELERS DRIVER OF THE YEAR AWARD to be presented at year’s end.

Over 25 drivers were considered for the award in March, but the decision was unanimous.

Also appearing on the show Monday night will be Mike Peters from Ocala Speedway along with Sonny Hartley and Dave Shotsberger from the TBARA.

Dave Brown, promoter of the Summer Spectaculars at Auburndale Speedway. Dave is the kind of promoter we need right now, and he is doing it for ALL the right reasons.

Future Show:
John Sarppraicone, owner of DeSoto Speedway, is scheduled to be on the show with Rob Elting and CeCe Brooks on April 14.

I am touched and deeply honored. Thank you, thank you all.