George Gorham Gets Noticed by Major Sponsor

Show #41 -April 28, 2008
Guests include David Pollen Jr. (dirt & asphalt late models) - Kenny Dukes (Central Florida Wingless Sprints) - Todd Schmidt (TBARA Sprints) - George Gorham (Trucks & Late Models) - Raulie Morse (Auburndale racing) - Bill Fisher (update drivers organizing at Putnam County Speedway). Breaking news stories and inside information found no where else.

George Gorham finally got noticed by a major sponsor for his efforts on the short tracks of Florida. He is now sponsored by, a major player in NASCAR racing. Look for George to pick it up a notch in 2008, and you can get all the details on this edition of INSIDE FLORIDA RACING.


Congrat’s to George and his whole Team!!!

Congrat’s George and to your Team. All of you have worked HARD. I it is GREAT to see someone notice you for that work!!! Go getum!!!:huepfen024:
Bobby Diehl