Little 500 On the Internet .....LIVE!!

As was discussed on the Real Racin USA broadcast of Inside Florida Racing Monday night, the the Little 500 will be broadcast on the internet almost live…all four days of the event…tape delayed - approx. 24 hours.

Full details and interviews with the producer and announcer for the broadcast this coming Tuesday Real Racin USA LIVE!! 7-9 PM

Can I brag a little? I am making my first trip to the Little 500, woo hoo!

Wonder how many Florida drivers are making the haul. I thought Doug Heveron was going, not sure about Dave Steele and I think Wendy Mathis is trying to go as well, sponsors pending.

According to a TBARA spokesman Dave Steele is going, along with Hevron and Sonny Hartley. Troy DeCaire may be going.

Dave Argabright wil be our very special guest on Tuesday night Real Racin’ USA Live! 7-9 PM to talk about the Little 500. Dave will be announcing the race on’s Internet TV production of the event. for more on the broadcast.

Dog Hevron is going to the Little 500

At the Northern Modified Reunion, Doug had said this year’s Little 500 would be his last race. I of course told him that I don’t believe him. :slight_smile: