Desoto Board Down again

The board was open for a while yesterday, but it is down again today. will remain open for announcements / chat.

who cares???

with only an average of 30-40 car in the pits on any given night, i dont think, if the board is open or closed has any meritt. it is not even news worthy. i went out ther sat night, and i thought it was a thurs. night practice. what a waste of one of the nicest tracks in florida!!
“you people” need to get more cars out there.

I remember racing there once with the legends cars. I know on average 20 legends would show up to race there, but he ran them all off. Everyone got tired of parking out in the nasty mud pit off to the side of the track.

Joe, there are plenty of people who care and love to race at Desoto. Most people had alot of fun saturday night also.

not enough people

gcue, i understand your feelings, mine are the same. the attendence at the speedway has been on the decline now for many years. a track can not make it on 50 cars per night and the stands 3/4 empty. when bad economy meets promoter with a real bad attitude, the results are not good for any of us. one of the most easiest things that can be done at the track, is for somebody to just be nice to people. it dosent cost a thing. you cant mf this and mf that 24/7/365 and think it is not going to hurt. i am in the food service business and to keep people happy and coming back i have to give them a great product at good prices, and kiss a little a_ _! it is part of doing business. there are many time people come into our resturant and i would like to tell them off and through them out, but that dosent work in a real world, and it sure as heck dosent pay the bills!!!

Truck Tech

Apparently he shut it down because of the failed Truck tech situation. The 12 & 41 were DQ’d then reinstated by John, but then the 69 was DQ’d…
69 big cam & 12/41 have 350 crate motor cam in a 305 that has never been legal in Fastruck or Desoto truck before. Supposedly FASCAR is allowing it but I am not sure about that one. It wouldn’t suprise me since most of their winning trucks are progressive rebuilt crates anyways. Frustrated with tech and not David’s fault…