Starting To Heat Up

[SIZE=“5”]Controversy is starting to heat things up over at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem.
Burt Myers thought he had the win only to find out twenty five minutes later that his rival Tim Brown won the weekly event.
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Tim Brown slowed, thinking that a caution was inevitable. The caution lights around the track came on, but the flagman never threw the caution flag.

this is a very serious officiating error. the flagstand at most tracks is only visible to the drivers from somewhere in turn 4 to < 1/2 of the way down the front stretch. this means that more than 3/4 of the track is controlled not by the flagman but by the signal lights.

you teach your drivers that they need to ignore the lights till they can get around to verify the call by seeing what the flagman is doing and you are going to cause serious problems.

any time a red or yellow flag is thrown the respective light needs to come on. conversely, any time a red or yellow light is turned on the flagman then has to wave that flag. the decision is out of his hands once 3/4 of the field has already been signaled that the pace vehicle is coming out.

Burt Myers ( along with whoever followed him ) should know that he had a penalty coming for disregarding a track signal / corner worker and should stop complaining.