Get ready for another Super weekend at CCMP!!!

WOW!! Two days of racing at the Fan Friendly’s Track in the South…
For this weekend two day (yes, I said two days of racing) check our schedule at

Day two is the “Super Late Models”!!! Here is some of the line up!!!

This second day of the two days of racing (YES, I SAID TWO DAYS OF RACING)!!! FEATURING Saturday Nights HOTTEST in the SOUTH!!!
The race Sponsor is: The “Charlotte Motorsports Travel Super Lates 100”
Here is the line up so far:
Billy Bigley
Scott Walters
Wayne Morris
Dave Pletcher
Rob Elting
Ross Chastain
Kevin Massey
Tuffy Hesser
Sean LeMaster
Wayne Anderson
Randy Anderson
CJ Calabrese
Mike Calabrese
JR Garcia
Patrick Thomas’s famous #77 car TBA on the DRIVER
Just to name the ones who have already call for slabs.
Remember to check the website for the rest of the TWO DAYS of racing (YES, I SAID TWO DAYS) at the “FAN FREINDLY” race track.
Thanks to all of those who make CCMP all it is:
Race Teams
and last but least the GREAt CCMP Staff

Bobby Diehl

If your a SUPER Late Model and are not on this list you may want to 941-575-7223 for a slab. We only have 120 total slabs. And they go FAST!!!:huepfen024:
Ok, now back to:smilie_bett:
Good Night!!!

$100 Bounty - June 21 at CCMP - Desoto Champ Kart Series

The “Thundering Herd” of the Desoto Champ Kart Series will make it’s fifth appearance of 2008 at Charlotte County Motorsports Park in Punta Gorda, on Saturday night, June 21.

The series would like to welcome any interested or curious folks to come into the pit area, to meet our drivers and crews. This series has some of the friendliest racers and crew anywhere.

The June 21 feature has received additional sponsorship from 5 STAR MOTORSPORTS of Lutz, FL, at

In addition to the usual cash payout, a $100 CASH BOUNTY has been posted, for any driver who can win, and defeat 5 STAR MOTORSPORTS owner Ricky Bohatka, in his black #51 Champ Kart!

Series website:

Competition: In the last fourteen series events, ELEVEN different winners have triumphed!

Stars: Think this is just a “go kart” series…?? Already this season, 2007 TBARA Sprint Car Series champion Troy Decaire has participated once (finishing second), along with FASCAR Truck driver Barry Bartlett (finished seventh). Late Model and Open Wheel Modified Driver Dustin Chisholm has also competed with the series (finishing second), along with dirt late model driver Johnny Allen (finishing fourth).

The Desoto Champ Kart Series - A little different… where racing is fun again!

Thanks to all of our Sponsors!!:
VEGA Tires from
GECKER Motorsports at
C&D Motorsports at
Cutting Edge Kart Shop at
Competition Karting of Welcome, NC
Heat Racing (Brandon, FL) at (813) 653-3500
Victor Peters at
J. Hite Exterminating (Tampa) at
Creative World School at
PBS Sales and Service (Tampa) at

Add another name to the list!!! Here come the “Supers”!!!

Karo Vann is added his name to “The Charlotte Motorsports Super Late Model 100”!!! It just keeps getting BITTER!!! Again the PRIME slabs are gone!!! Call ASAP or you will be in the dirt. Speaking of DIRT. The NEW annoncement is coming soon!!!Unlinted Dirt Late Model Series at CCMP!!!:huepfen024:

Add the next generation to the mix!!!

The #51 Richie Anderson of Pepsi “The Next Generation” is adding his name to the list for “The Charlotte Motorsports Travel Super Late Model 100”!!!
We hope to get at least 20 Pilots to move into hi-per space in the Starfights. YES!!! This with be Star Wars on asphalt!!!
Keep calling boys the FANS are going to get a BANG for their BUCK!!!
Thanks to all.
Bobby Diehl