Stormy times for the Super Cup Series

There are stormy times ahead in the Super Cup Series.
The racing has been better then good. The 08 season has seen veterans as well as a crop of rookie drivers that have raced well and dazzled the fans. Drivers like Jimmie Crabtree,Daniel Johnson have staked their claim. Rookies like Megan Reitenour and Ryan Miller have made their present known by running upfront race after race. But a storm is brewing on the horizon,the third member of the rookie crop is ready to stake his claim and show why he is called Jody (Hurricane) Harrison. This first time driver is our Kyle Busch and Jimmy Spencer all rolled into one explosive package.
Hurricanes go to the front driving style is exciting to watch and will take him to victory lane very soon. This Series has a wide range of talented drivers from sixteen to sixty something, they race hard and put on a show you wont soon forget.
These hard charging drivers dont take turns leading,if you want to lead it youll have to take it from the one that has it. A Super Cup race is a storm that you can witness first hand.

It is great just to watch Jody, or “Joe III” race!!!.., even better to listen to him and his Dad talk on the radio as he is racing. :huepfen024: Some of us have always known that he could do it, given the seat time that he needed, combined with the knowlege that he has learned from his Dad - - somehow it seems only fitting that Jody be called “Hurricane”. Since his Dad is called “Joe Cool”, in his racing division, it only seems right that his son should be the storm …now put them together and you have a combination that calls for - - no - - demands attention!!! If ever there was a driver who was destined to win a race - - it is this one!!!..a hurricane does’t move out of your way, it get to where it wants to go - - and “III” is a true “Hurricane”
“With You All the Way !!”…Race_n_Lady

Joe and Jody “The Hurricane” Harrison are what this series is all about. I joked with Jody minutes before and soon after the race, even though our teams competited hard against each other during the race. Seeing and hearing Jody “hoot and holler” when he drew the pole, in the Super Cups unique qualifying, was awesome. This series may not have the “Bigtime” feel, but they put on a great show and is full of characters like Jody. Above all, the teams and officials treat each other with so much respect. These teams would give you the shirt of their backs. I even saw one team help another change tires and they were racing each other for the lead. Furthermore, you never feel like your attendance is taking for granted. If you haven’t experienced how much fun going to a Super Cup event is, your missing out on great racing and great people like the Harrisons.