East Bay Raceway Park Results, 6/28/08

Here are the results from Saturday, June 28th racing action at East Bay Raceway Park:

Carry over Open Wheel Modified race from June 14th rain out: 20 laps

  1. Alex Boerner, First win of the season
  2. Jeff Mathews
  3. Scotty Williams
  4. Austin Sanders
  5. Tim Gay

Race winners from June 28th race program:

Limited Late Models: 15 laps

  1. J.R. Prather, Jr., First win of the season
  2. Bob Peterson
  3. Daniel Woody
  4. Jason Bronson
  5. Kenny Monahan

Tim Gay winner at the checkers and third place finisher Cheryl Cochran were disqualified at tech inspection for having illegal fuel cells.

Heat winners: Forrest Gough and Tim Gay

Outlaw Fours Feature: 15 laps

  1. Shane Burrows, Third win of the season
  2. Jim Courson
  3. Chad Rose
  4. Mickey Wright
  5. Matt Haynes

Heat winners: Jim Courson and Mavrick Varnadore

Late Model Feature: 25 laps

  1. Bobby Alexander, Sr., First win of the season
  2. Travis Varnadore
  3. Ted Erskine
  4. K.D. Kelley
  5. John Norris

Heat winners: J.R. Prather, Jr. and Travis Varnadore

Open Wheel Modifieds: 20 laps

  1. Bobby Dixon, First win of the season
  2. Buzzie Reutimann
  3. Austin Sanders
  4. Scotty Williams
  5. Tim Gay

No heats

Four Cylinder Bombers: 15 laps

  1. George Christensen, Second win of the season
  2. Collin Kruse
  3. Frank Miller
  4. Kyle Kruse
  5. Bubba Puyear

Heat winners: George Christensen and Frank Miller