Outlaw Street Stock rule of conduct rule change

Drivers and Fans after last weeks race and all the imput that I got on the race by the fans and drivers. I have made some changes to the rule of conduct that we have for the Outlaw Street Stocks.

In the rules of conduct #8,#10,and #11 have been rewritten to make the ruling much more clearer on pushing and passing a car. These new rules will be in affectt as of 07/05/08. These new rules are very clear now. So lets go racing.

These new rules are at our web site under www.suncoaststreetstocks.com

Once again I want to thank all the fan and drivers that gave there imput on this matter.

I look forward to having a great race this Saturday at CCMP for the 100 lap switch of race with two driver.

Fans and driver come join the fun at CCMP for July 4th and July 5th two night of great racing alomg with live music July 5th with MarcAnthory Romany.

In the rules of conduct #8,#10,and #11 have been rewritten to make the ruling much more clearer on pushing and passing a car.

so, you’re going to tell the slower car in front that he needs to give a lane or he’s going to get bumped? or are you saying the slower car can just keep running apex to wall, wall to apex, no matter how much he’s holding up the guys behind him?

note; giving the outside lane is fine, but you’ve got to give the car making the passing attempt a place to go.


This was not about any slower cars at it was the 3rd place cars pushing the 2nd place car down the back strech to far into the turn causing a wreck taking out 1 st and 2nd places cars.

This was not about any slower cars…

this doesn’t answer my question. when reading this, keep in mind that i have no idea of the specific instance, drivers or track that you’re talking about. i’m not trying to push an agenda for somebody here. and ‘slower’ is a relative term.

if 3rd was faster than 2nd ( and if he can push 2nd all the way down the back stretch it would appear so ) was 2nd giving him a lane up near the wall on the straights?

if 3rd was just bound and determined that he was going to take the bottom groove in the corner no matter how hard he hit the guy in front of him then penalize the heck out of him. if 2nd was running clear out to the wall on the straights when 3rd was faster, then i have no sympathy for 2nd.