sportsman 50 laps race this week 7-12

Charlotte County Motorsports Park
“racing every Saturday night”
there will be no racing or practice friday night,
just go kart racing so everything is moved to saturday the 12th

the open wheels will be off on the 12th
( drivers voted not to run two weeks in a row)

Sportsman will run for 50 laps
thunder trucks
Mini Stock
Dwarf Cars
T.Q. 's
Road Warriors
Fab 4 ( since some do not want to run the switch off)
we call it 4 cyl so either fab or pro can run in it-- it does not count against
the fabs if they
run also --that is why we are calling it a 4 cyl race.
it will be 25 laps with one driver and 25 laps with another driver
second driver will pick up were the first driver finished
we would like to do drivers intro for this race but we will have to wait and
hope mother nature is kind to us.We had 20 pro 4 this past week and hope for a
good turn out for this race.

pits will open sat at 9am for open practice
9am to 2pm
front gates open at 4pm
racing starts at 6pm
call the speedway for any info at 941-575-7223
or visit the web site at