Last winner @ USA Speedway....

Dave Rogers was so happy having won his first race at USA… it was a good race but everyone there seemed to be walking in a trance. Most of us were thinking about how sickening it is that such a wonderful facility will be torn down… i just dont know how a past racer could possibly do this. well i would personally like to thank all the people who have maintained the track, cooked for us, gave out bands and tickets, flagmen, photographers, Craig and the rest of the safety crew, announcers… you are amazing and we won’t forget you. thank you to all of the people who always made me andHailey & Bobby so welcomed. thank you to all the wonderful drivers who came and the fans as well. oh …thanks tow truck drivers for taking acre of the drivers who were not so lucky.
TRAVIS COPE… you are a star in the making… saw so many people i have missed… Super Mario, Johnnie “Action” Jackson, Billy Mowery…Pop Mc Leod, Jeff Choquettes grand father, james glover,crud…i am so tired so i think i will ramble on again tomorrow. Good night and God bless… Tony Amico…THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
carolwicks aka OZ

USA goes out in style…

David Rogers got his first win at the track after many good runs here and I could not think of a better way to end that chapter in Fla. racing. Congrats David and crew and here’s to many more wins.:ernaehrung004: