Starting Out In A Big Way

[SIZE=“3”]Mike Kurkowski is mainly a car owner.
He took a different approach this past Saturday night at Lonesome Pine Raceway in VA.
He became driver in the Super Car Stock Car Series.
Im sure he didnt know what was about to happen. The inverted start put him starting on the front row for the A&G Coal Company 100.
And he was no fluke. He led the first lap.
He would come home seventh in the race. Not bad for a man making his first race in Super Cup.
Perhaps he may want to start racing cars instead of providing them.
Here he races Jim Crabtree for position in the A&G Coal 100.:sport009:

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From what I understand, Mike Kurkowski was only .003 off of Jim Crabtree pole time, which would have put him the third fastest car. I think that is awesome considering Mike is a 52 year old Grandpa who has not been in a race car in 20 years. I think that says alot about the equipment that ShoTime Motorsports puts on the race track. This team does not have mechicanal failures due to the work that the team does back at the shop. They really pay attention to detail. It is a first rate team. Anyone who is looking to drive, be in a competitive car and needs seat time should consider this team becasue it is a winning team. I don’t think you would be disappointed. Keep up the great work Mike and good luck in your next race!! :ernaehrung004: