@ HOOTERS in PORT CHARLOTTE !!!! 08/08/08

Do not forget this Friday night, FULL THROTTLE FRIDAY, CCMP and The United Dirt Late Model Challenge series, along with Realrain USA, will be live from Hooters On the corner of US 41 and Veterans. Thats right we will be broadcasting our show Live from Hooters this friday from 7:30 to 9:00pm. We will be covering the big Race coming up on the 16th as well as other happenings at CCMP. We like to see as many of you that can come out and have fun with us at hooters. Would love to pack the place out and show everyone how we suport our track and how much fun we are, and maybe gain some new fans.

This is open to anyone who wants to come down, Drivers, Fans, Staff we want to make this a night to help spread what CCMP is about to others of our community. There wil be a few of the Dirt late Models on display so if you want to bring down your car to show off and let your sponsors get some attention bring it down. Lets Have all just have a Fun night.

If you would like to be a guest on the show please e-mail me at rhowell@sunshinestateracing.com or leave a post here. If you can not make the show in person and would like ot be a guest you may call in during the show at 863-990-3564 or 941-626-0372.

If you can’t make it down the show can be heard on either http://www.realracinusa.com or by going to the CCMP homepage and clicking on the listen live button. Also check out our website http://www.sunshinestateracing.com and let us know what you think of the improvements.

Also always looking for show ideas if you guys have something you want to hear more about or people you want to hear from we will do our best to get it covered.

Thanks for the support

Ps… We may have a few surprise guest host for the show also.

COME ON DOWN !!! (or UP !!!) Gonna be a blast!! Great people, great fun, great chicken! HOOTERS is at the intersection of 41 and 776 on the northbound side of 41 ! YAHOOOOOOOOOO !!! :huepfen024:
carolwicks aka OZ

Outlaw Super-Late Models on the Asphalt? I am there, bingo.
Saw them at Ocala Pavement about 5 years ago, what a blast.
Going to grab a Hotel for the night; any minor league Baseball Games around for Sunday?

What kind of a man is BILLY BIGLEY?

I called Billy at his shop… I asked him if he would come to Hooters with us and represent Hooters and CCMP!!! I really didnt expect the answer I got because he is so busy! He said "Y~E~S !!! Please bring your kids and friends… This gets better every minute. Billy Bigley… you are so special… You are what this sport is about… I am so very proud to call you “friend”… Thank you!
carolwicks aka OZ

Wow Roger !!!

that is exciting news. please stop by and sit with us. havent seen you since the Modified Reunion! This will be one heck of a fun night !YAHOOOOO!
carolwicks aka OZ

please call or email me…


Not sure on any minor leauge games, not sure where you are coming from, but the Tampa Bay Rays may have a home game that weekend.

Thank You

Wow this only get’s bigger and better

Thank You Billy Bigley and to you also carol for making the phone call, this should really be a fun event, hope all can come out and bring the kids and enjoy this fun family evening.


Fillin The Stands!! Supporting Race Tracks !!!

the idea is to fill the stands at CCMP for this amazing first time event…the union of dirt joining asphalt!!! The UNITED DIRT LATE MODEL SERIES will race on CCMP’s asphalt track and we want to make sure no one misses this exciting event. Billy Bigley is loved by all who know him and I know having him there will be an asset !!! This man works from dark to dark and for him to do this… well BRAVO! all the way from Naples. When we use the term RACING FAMILY… this is where it came from… All different kinds of people joining together to make something good happen. Jack Smith and all of the people who support his efforts is another tireless worker who is taking ANOTHER night of his life and devoting it to PROMOTING RACING!!! WTG Jack. anyone who thinks we don’t need media has a loose screw! Jack, Scott Lombard, Robert Howell and many others will join together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! OH ! and B~O~B~B~Y D~I~E~H~L for all you do in racing… for making CCMP shine with Linda, Gary, Oscar, Greg, Jason and all of your team…
carolwicks aka OZ

I might just be making this trip also. We’ve been wanting a weekend on the West Coast and this may be the perfect time to work that out.

AB195… Call me, or I’ll call you. We’ll make a convoy out of this thing! Maybe we can hook up with Boneman and his posse on the trip down. Who else from the Orlando/Central Fla area has an interest?

Save me a seat!

I think I died and went to Heaven !!!

So many wonderful friends coming over! Will be so happy to see you ! CCMP will welcome you!
YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! DIRT LATE MODELS ON ASPHALT !!! 8/16/08 @ CCMP !!! Come early for the best seats!
carolwicks aka OZ

Wish I could be there to see all you guys, but I’ll be in Waycross GA. Come back the 16th and see the UDLMCS on asphalt. Now that should be a hoot.
You guys enjoy the racing at CCMP. Bob…

Well, I’ll be in Ocala watching some racing and hoping that nasty rain stays away. Sure would like to go to the UDLMCS show at Charlotte but my daughter has decided to get married that weekend. Can’t believe my little girl has grown up. :slight_smile:

Bob… the 16th for the Late Model show IS the week we are talking about. I sure as hell wouldn’t drive all that way just to go to a Hooters! Hopefully, we’ll see you there… Jerry!

Motel 6 has CCMP rates!!!

Call Motel 6 for rooms 941-639-9585. Next to the track. Exit 161. Rates are at $40.00. Call ahead and get your rooms. Tell them that your with the track!!!
Thanks for believing in CCMP!!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Will those machines go toppless/convertible like they did in Ocala?

No topless, “G” rated show!


The Fort Myers Mircal play the Reds is Sarasota on that Sunday

Nice work there, tinytimdss. Thats exactly what I was looking for.

glad I could I help See you Next Saturday at CCMP

Hey any of you guys in this area, Bradenton to Punta Gorda, have a stock car trailer that we can borrow to haul a late model to Hooters tomorrow. Jack says he has someone that can pull the trailer. If you can help call me at 941-737-5857 or respond here and I’ll call you and get it set up. The cars we had to greet the public fell thru. Thanks Bob…