Bowman Gray slaps on the wrists

You may think you have solved the problem at Bowman Gray or the Tour. Bud you are sadly mistaken.
Its a beginning but you have to understand what monkey say, monkey do.
And when the monkey DONT say, the monkey still going to do.
Thats the mentality of drivers at the stadium have.
Until the stadium hands out more rules such as they did to Adam Snow and the K-Train Gilbert then you still going to have the monkeying around syndrome.
These penalties thus far have been fair and well deserved.
But some like the one on LW Miller and Jonathan Brown were just slaps on the wrists.
Jonathan Brown dosnt run the Tour anyhow. WoW
On the other hand LW Miller takes it in pride. Give the man credit. He was penalized and STILL came back.
So Jason quit whining and suck it up for now. LW Miller is still on his game.
Little wild but fun to watch, just like Burt Myers.

Well Said

Well said.
Now what are they planning on doing to Tim Brown with all his trash talk last week.
You dont call the fans in the stands a bunch of dumbasses on the Pa system.

And if you didnt come over to race for the fans then who are you racing for?
The fans pay the salary of Mr. Brown, last I remember.

Your a great representative of Hayes Jewelers Mr. Brown. Im sure to hurry down and buy some jewelry and hope they dont give me customer service the same way you treat the fans at Bowman Gray.

I hardly think Mr. Brown is a class act. He should be promoting Wrestling matches the way he wears his emotions.

With the way his emotions are would you want to be racing next to him??

Course if your Jr. Miller then you just punt him out of the way and be done with his junk talk. Now thats racing.:grinser010: