Florida Racing History Books by Eddie Roche

I still have a number of people asking me if they can get Eddie Roche’s Florida Motorsports Retrospective books… Volume 1 is sold out but he hopes to have a second printing soon… Copies of volume 2 are still available (and well worth the money) and can be ordered thusly:
$39.95 per book PLUS S&H of $4 ($43.95 total).
Checks payable to:
Eddie Roche
2571 Arizona St.
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Sorry, no phone orders or credit cards



Does each volume cover certain years?

Both books are primarily a photographic retrospective of racing in Fl. They cover from mostly the fifties sixties seventy and eighties with a smattering of pre 1940 and post 1980 cars and drivers. The emphasis is on the local short tracks past and present. The coverage of the 50s and 60s is surprisingly well represented. Vol 1 does have several articles covering track histories. These books are really a must for anyone who was/is into Floridas short track cars and drivers. I review mine several times a year. I highly recommend them.