Jim Fenton

Hey Jim, I didn’t get done what I needed to so I’m gona have to work tomorrow. I probably won’t get to go down to ccmp tomorrow after all.
I will probably leave Sat about 12:30 or 1:00 pm. How does that go with your time? Why don’t you call me tomorrow and we’ll set a time.941-737-5857
This is going to be a hoot man, dirt cars on asphalt. They got some practice last week at Waycross. That track was as hard as asphalt, but sandy. Now thats scarey at the speeds they go on a 1/2 mile track. See ya Bob…

PS: If any of you other guys can get down to my hosienda your welcome to ride down with us. I have a 4 door truck with plenty of room. Bob…

Hey Bob,

Works for me. I’ll call you today & work out the details for Saturday.

Looking forward to meeting you and maybe some other Karnicians as well. :ernaehrung004:

Yak at-cha later.