DE-MOTIVATING factors in racing

This might be a complaint but I am curious to see what other have to say. This is a list of things that really take the fun out of racing. Not in any order

  1. People not doing what they say they are going to do.
  2. Lack of funding for MANY.
  3. Chance of rain outs.
  4. Same cars winning week in and week out.
  5. Rule changes, ie, Fascar Sportsmans carb change this year from last.
  6. Pit entry fees.
  7. SOME track workers attitudes towards drivers. I know that all drivers are not the most pleasent but the track workers should still be professional.
  8. For some I would have to say pay outs, For the record, I race for fun but its always nice to get a little back.
  9. LATE LATE LATE nights at the racetrack after working late nights on the car. Keep the program moving.
  10. Lack of comradery. Sorry guys I spent every week at the track the last 3 years until this year and I just dont see it. Growing up around the track I used to see it alot.

Please let me know what you think.

Regarding notes 7 and 10

You gotta be kinda thick-skinned in racing. Track employees are usually busy, and are often over-heated and over-worked. Most of the time, stuff runs off me like water from a duck, HOWEVER, it really stands out to me when a track employee is expecially rude. There have been many instances of this, at a few different tracks, and sorry to say they remain clearer to me than the hundreds of times when I was treated well.

Of course it has to go both ways, but I have never lost my temper with an official or employee. The only thing that ever “ran me off” from a track was the belief that the track had it in for me and I couldn’t get a fair shake. This has happened to me four times; twiice at two different tracks.

Note 10 I completely agree with the unfriendly attitude of certain tracks. I am a social animal and usually get along with everyone, but like you, there were long stretches at some tracks where I wondered if anyone was having fun. Of course this whole thing is wiped away by even one or two friendly people. If the guys at the trailer next door are cool, or if your buddy stops by, then the night is much easier.

I think some racers are just so competitive that they don’t know how to shut it off when the racing is done.

In closing, I find that most nights at Orlando are a blast.


And I just agreed not to post any negative comments on any web site about the track I race at.:mad: I can say this though, one of the main reasons I go to the track is the camaraderie. And for the most part, the staff there is most always friendly and accessable to the drivers.

I completely agree with both of you. I am thick skinned for the most part but there are certain things that absolutely burn my ass. You both said it and I agree, most of the time, MOST track workers are great but it really stands out when “one rotten apple spoils everything else”

As far as comradery, some take it far too serious, and they lose focus on the “having fun” part of racing. I remember in California, racing would get over and a bunch of racers would meet up a Kings Pizza for beer and pizza EVERY WEEK after the races. As a kid, I loved it. Now, I may see a couple at IHOP or Dennys once in a while.

I will have to admit that most people that I have parked next too have been pretty friendly especially the Cuddys and Woods at Osw. I dont know them and they dont know me but on the other side alot of the big $$ teams act like no one is parked next to them. Other then the Finneys I cant remember one team that would even give us the time of the day. I am not complaining or pointing fingers, I know they are busy and there is so much $$ involved, but its an example of how short track racing has changed.

after races…

at CCS (punta gorda) we used to go to the pilot station and socialize for a couple hours after racing. was fun… actually this year we have been hanging out right at the track and its even more fun. bobby is a social guy and he seems to enjoy having us feel “at home”… he also gets to know his fans and drivers better… its good. lights are off on the track but we can see… i dont stay long with the kids but i do enjoy getting to talk to alot of drivers who are my friends also. they are relaxed and just chillin so we have alot of laughs.
another thing… if someone is dead a$$ drunk, we can take care of them instead of just letting them drive off…
carol aka oz

The one you left off Carol was a track owner that only cares about puttin money in his pocket and the hell with the drivers. And thats why now he is tring to get cars back at he’s track and can not get it done.

hello carol wicks

aren’t you the one that relayed the message to bobby that we were coming back after a six month --------------- vacation --------------- we were there this past week end with the modified , still can’t bring sportsman yet

we did not see you we had to park behind consession stand bobby wanted me to be close to coke machine were i could stay cool and be in shade ain’t he so nice allways thinking about the owners and drivers and fans

there were no carb changes in the fascar sportsman class . and ive been racin for 30 plus years and when i go racin i expect to be out till at least midnite . if you wanna go home early you aint a real racer . the real problem with fascar is the management ie race director ! when clyde was alive the payoff was double .fascar is an embarassment to the sport