Boneman /Rex

Since the two different post you wrote is almost off the board and for the ones that read it will now get to see all over my reply on it…

Would first of all would like to say. That nor do we have to justify our self to you, nor to anyone else. Specially what or how we run our Series.

Most like some people as well as you, post your opinions on hear say.
Some twist things more so than others. Some make more out of it than it is.
Alot of people dont even pay attention to those kinds of post.

I myself do not use this board to post negative statements. Nor to harm anyone’s reputation or try too. MOST like some do.
Which leaves me to say, that i do not have a promblem with you nor anyone else. I do have a promblem with you making statements that you have no ideal what you are talking abt. More less have any proof that what he siad was true. Just because you know him. So does that make it right ??

Now, i was not going to stoop so low as in to even reply. But since my character of my SERIES name is being used. I will reply.

What you two or anyone joke abt is none of our Buss. But when you come on here and post something, that reflects abt my staff or Series… Then i have to deal with it…I will defend my drivers & my staff as long as they are not in the wrong. I say as in my drivers that drive in my series. Not as in i owned them.
You put a statement on here that reflected how one of my staff members
personal life is…Might of been a joke to you two, but there is good common sense that surely some could of read into it…As well as we did.
And if they know of him specially… Made it just that more clearly to anyone.
What you two find amusing, might not be to others.
You say you just wanted to let him know something,sorry to say why not just tell him when you saw him or call him…
Remember you two are such good friends.

Now to get on to why he is no longer with us. Was not mainly revolved
around this…But that in conversation to him, was stated to him.
There are people out there that like to run with stories and make more out of it then there was. On your statement you made on the board to him.
We had told him, what he does reflects on FMCS…as being our race director.
And we will not have that reputaton around us…

It was to our best judgement of the Series to do this.
Again not to justify to you…Just so that maybe you need the real facts next time…And maybe you dont always know the truth.

Dick to us is or should i say was a very good person, specially down hearted.

But we tend to do what ever we can do to listen to our drivers needs.
And in prior mths before this. It was to our best interest to question to
the drivers how they felt abt Dick. With the fact that the end of the season is here and making plans for next year. There were drivers that felt Dick is a good person. But they were not pleased with his performance as a Race Director. They had their complaints. And we have to listen to that.
And take that all into consideration… And we did just that.

No we are not Nascar nor are we the big Late Model or Truck Series that has
a bigger income of Registration or to be able to payout the big bucks.
But we do the best we can…And at least pay all our drivers all the way back with everything i get form the track…

So with that in mind, and Dick knowing up front it wasnt all abt the money… It had to be the love of the sports, and wanting to be at the track and
being able to have or carry a title of being Race Director for a series.
That is growing and plans to keep growing. As we have and will continue.
Even with statements like what you or anyone else might want to post.

Those are the things that get our name out there.
Who wants to believe the bad,or someone that dont tell the facts.oh
The ones that listen to the good. Then really know of us & what we have done or accomplished or will accomplish…

Now cant help laughing on this one -
That Dick is MINI CUP racing BIGGEST BOOSTER… i love it.
You are kiddin RIGHT ??

He has no ideal what the up coming events are.
Unless he was planning things without consulting us the owners as he has in the past. Spending time on the phone to get cars to the track, and arranging
events…Sorry what & when did this happen ??
As far as our drivers they are going to show up anyway…I dont even need to call them.

As far as Promoting the series, i do that 12 hrs a day 6 days a week.
Why we have 66 Sponsors and more next year. With big plans…

You say you know he went to work as a good promoters does. Were you at the track with us…We never saw you there…
The Funny thing is ,no one else even saw Dickie after he got there…

Maybe only when you saw in on the infield when our racing was going on.

From the time he got there, from the time he lefted the track. We as everyone else - we all know as in ( WHERE IS DICKIE - No one knows…)

He was suppose to get cars to stagin and be there on time with cars. As we all know the tracks do not like to wait for you,they will pass your race up in a heart beat. I stressed this, so many times with him.
He was never there to set up tech area nor more less to help tear it down.
As well as more etc…

If you do not believe me, then i suggest you ask the drivers…

We are not here to be little him…But he did that when he informed you on what he felt he wanted to say why he was let go. Unstead of all the rest that we had discuss…Then you would of not been so Dumb-Founded.

Not that it should be any concern to you or anyone else why we did.

As we told Dick,great guy to sit down and have dinner with or hang out with.
But he was not performing the duties asked of him in a proper manner.

As for Good Luck in our Series…

We are Growing and will continue too…
Just keep getting BIGGER & BIGGER :huepfen024:

At least they know when the FAST MINI CUP SERIES comes to the track.
They put on what heck of a show with a great car count. :aktion033:

We wish you luck as well…And hope you can let some things rest…

Since when does a track owner or Series owner LISTEN to how the drivers feel or think? :sprachlos020:

We Do

[size=“3”]ask Our Drivers…anytime…

Without The Drivers You Have Nothing…[/size]

I agree with you 100%. In 18 years of being around racing if true. It’s the first time that I have ever heard of it happening. Thanks for asking your drivers. :):ernaehrung004::engel016:

Maybe you should visit Ocala Speedway sometime. Mike Peters constantly asks the drivers for input, and he welcomes comments and questions as well. In fact, he rarely makes any change without consulting the drivers and listening to their opinions first. Mike may not be the norm, and I hope he’s setting a trend. Other tracks should take note that this is a major reason why Ocala Speedway is so successful right now. Ocala Speedway listens, and considers the drivers’ opinions before making changes! How cool is that?!? :huepfen024:

Mike Peters

when i first read about mike and finally got to meet him my first impression was that he would be successful… his attitude and his self confidence assured me and my instincts were right all along.
Mike has never gotten involved with other tracks politics. he focuses on his own and he is never afraid to be different. to try out new things… he definitely respects his drivers, and staff…
mike has guts… going from asphalt to dirt was a gamble …and what a gamble it was…
i wish it wasnt so far away so i could go more often but i know when the next Powell Memorial comes up, there will be a seat there for me…
its such a pleasure to read all the positive things about Ocala speedway… an intelligent, focused, realistic man of good ethics.

[QUOTE=carolwicks;14713]when i first read about mike and finally got to meet him my first impression was that he would be successful… his attitude and his self confidence assured me and my instincts were right all along.
Mike has never gotten involved with other tracks politics. he focuses on his own and he is never afraid to be different. to try out new things… he definitely respects his drivers, and staff…
mike has guts… going from asphalt to dirt was a gamble …and what a gamble it was…
i wish it wasnt so far away so i could go more often but i know when the next Powell Memorial comes up, there will be a seat there for me…
its such a pleasure to read all the positive things about Ocala speedway… an intelligent, focused, realistic man of good ethics.

Since Ocala was closed for several weeks, I tried some other area tracks. While I saw some good racing, it really made me miss Ocala. The facilities, the attention to detail and keeping the show moving along is a great example of how it should be done. Hats off to Mike and Angie for a terrific job!

From the “Give a Monkey a Lighter” department…

As in the usual form of message boards, this thread took a hard 90 degree turn and departed from the original topic of Boneman vs. the FMCS and somehow made it’s way to what a great place Ocala is.
I think I’m gonna take three more lefts to complete the lap and get back to the original topic and address the…hmmmm…okay, I’ll call it a “response” from the poster known only as FAST CUP MINI SERIES.

Here it is:

What the hell were you trying to say?
I tried to comprehend some of what you wrote but it was like reading some kind of weird, run-on sentence haiku.
Really, if you’re gonna go crazy and post lengthy diatribes(cough, cough) you need to focus your thoughts a little better and above all, re-read what you have written before you hit that submit button.
And I mean for content as well as grammar and spelling.
It helps get your position across so much better to the reader. "E"specially when you are trashing someone that you said you didn’t want to “be little” in the first place. “Specially” when it’s a down hearted and very good person that he is to you or should say was he to before. (oops, there goes that sarcastic edge of mine)
I mean character perception and all being a pretty big issue with you, right?

I’ll leave it up to Rexall to rebut FMCS’s post and defend his position* as I am but a curious observer of this topic and had never seen the FMCS, umm…cars race before last night at DSP. I even started to watch their race but quickly lost interest 3/4 of a lap into that very extended hot lap session. Like the go-carts, I would have rather watched them on the little track for Magic cars. I think they might have really put on a better show on a track more fitting for their size. Of course, that’s just my opinion. And I’m pretty stupid, usually. No, really…I am. Ask anybody.

One more very, very important thing to always remember:

…naw, never mind.

the “O” to da “J”…

  • as long as it’s not a position he learned from reading (who am I kidding)…looking at the pictures in “The Kama Sutra for Alternative Lifestyles


WTF are you saying?? I got a headache after "trying "to read your post! I thought Bobby Deihl was bad!

I haven’t seen such an amazing piece of writing since Ford6 was around.

If this guy is in charge, the Mini-Cups have more problems than just the Race Director position.

my friend’s reputation

There is only one reason I brought this to light, and that is to protect my friend’s reputation. I won’t stand for you, or anyone else, to cast someone in a bad light, and then hide behind some stupid internet posting. If you have a problem with your employee, discuss it face-to-face with them, and be honest. As it is, you spread a lie about someone’s character. I believe you did it because you were looking for an excuse to not face him.

I am very relieved that Dick is not upset with me. I stand by my assertion that anyone in the racing business, who is looking for help on the management side of things, considers putting Dick Owens on their team. He is experienced as an owner, a driver and has been involved in many aspects of this sport for years. Most importantly, he loves racing. No one can question that.

It is hard to describe my total indifference to mini cup racing. It is just not my thing, and I could list the reasons why. I won’t go through them however, because the more racers we have on the track, the better off we all are.

I will confess to a morbid interest in this group. Based on the events of the last few days, I am speculating about the life span of this particular organization. I’ll wager they will not be operating in 2009. Time will tell…


Boneman / Rex

Why is it that you post something, then i call my Race director to let him go.
And now we our the bad guys…Dont think so.

We called Dick Friday night to let him go.
Yes we asked him about the post that you made originally. But as well spoke to him about the complaints from the drivers and also that he was not Fullfilling his duties as a race director…We made our statement to him.
I asked him if he felt he could step up to the plate it would be different.
He was okay with it, he said he needed to take care of personal matters anyway.
So we are the blame, the drivers didnt want him as a race director no more.
Because i am the one that had to tell him, it is my fault. Next time i will
let the drivers do it.

Gee i dont see anyone else slamming anyone else cause they let a staff member go, or change track owners…

Yes we said, he is a great guy. No one is trying to take that away from him.
But you, cause you keep posting more or trying to slam us.
Maybe you just like hearing yourself, or think you will win the conversation.
But with us there is no more conversation…Dont mean you won either.
Just like us or you, things go away eventually…

But for

As for FMCS not making it to 2009 - I will put a huge wager on it will be.
We will see you back here in 2009 - Same time, Same place if you want.
Lets make it 9-11-09 that way we wont forget the date.

Not once did i say anything un proffessional to you or about you.
So carry on if need be…
Just saying that this has nothing to do with you, why we let Dick go
or how
Good or Bad we run our Series. or how you feel about MINI CUPS.

Mini cups are a great way for the young to experience the racing industry
as well as go karting or etc. So why take that away from the young kids wanting it or the Adults that are having Fun doing it.
Cause we are not the big cars, that makes us nothing in the public eye…

Yes as you said you have a promblem with me, call but dont take it out on

Cause we are here to stay,You have no control of that.

I dont have any promblem with you or anyone else. I dont get on here slamming people or even get on here to voice my opinion’s on stuff.
Because there are those that do enough of it for everyone anyway.
I wasnt even going to address this matter, but only reason i did.
When you attack us, you are attacking FMCS Drivers…
Can say your not, but you are…in so many ways…

Now as for Dick and you.
Your friendship is great, and its good you think that way about him…
But honestly you cant go around vouching for everything he does.
Noone is perfect…Not us and not him or you…

Hope that you can mark this one up, as you got to tell FMCS
what you thought…Maybe it made your day…

There are so many that do believe in FMCS and support us all the way.
Thats what keeps us alive…
Why also every driver we have had is still with us…after 2 yrs.

Can keep stirring that pot for so long, you just end up with slop eventually.

Hope tomorrow is better,cause it is for us…

Would someone please translate so I can understand what the FMCS talking head is trying to say. Im having a hard time understanding the extreme lack of grammar and punctuation skills.

Thanks in advance.

First, I’m not going to comment on the FAST Mini Cup-Dick Owens deal… All I know is that Dick eats, breathes and snores racing so it won’t be his last chance to be involved with anything…
I’ve made my feelings known about the Mini-Cup situation on here several times… What used to be a fantastic Series has faded alot in the last couple of years… I have to hand it to the FAST bunch because they have increased their car count quite a bit this year even with the tough economy but it would still be great to see drivers with both organizations and those sitting on the sidelines work things out and get back to those 25-27 cars that used to turn out per show…
I happen to be a big fan of this class… I was around when George Crenshaw and a few others were just getting the thing going back in the early '90s… The cars are a blast to watch at Auburndale as it’s the perfect track size for them… They are a bit scary at Orlando and if you ever watched them run at New Smyrna, they would scare you to death!!
The one thing that bothered me was that earlier this year, my friends with Post FX Productions were asked to come to Auburndale and video the Mini Cup racing… Since we were there, we shot the entire race program and produced it for… Two weeks later we returned because we were assured that 7-8 FAST Mini Cup teams would purchase a DVD of the previous program to help offset our cost of producing the show… In the end, just two out of (I think) 17 teams that were there that night made a purchase… Since a couple of Mini-Stock and Street Stock guys bought one, we almost broke even, but our goal was to actually make a few bucks for our time and effort… I’m not blaming the drivers at all, it’s not their fault if they don’t have the money or just aren’t interested… Just don’t tell us they are when they are not…

I see Fast mini cup has changed communication directors…thank goodness!

I’ve thrown my two cents in. From here, I suggest we have an animated discussion about why I don’t like mini cup cars. It would certainly be funnier than our current thread.

Hey Frasson118, Ford 6 was coherent compared to these knuckleheads. They remind me more of suracing!! Perhaps he has resurfaced in the guise of a Fast Mini Cup Series loudmouth. The Fast Mini Cup Series certainly does it self no favors by putting up this kind of incomprehensible garbage. These postings certainly go a long way in making me want to run with them. NOT!

As if it matters but here is my two or three cents.
1st. I know that I am not that good but DAMN, learn how to write or at least use commas.
2nd. To fire someone over the phone is downright cowardly
3rd. I guess its a good thing that Mr Hart doesnt use this board for his firings. Don Nerone and Rusty would both be out of a job.
4th. Good response Rex.

Just great! That’s 15 minutes of my life I won’t get back! :grinser010: :aetsch013:

enough is enough

[SIZE=“3”]Which is none of my business. But i would just like to add. What is the difference on how it was wrote. They did a good job telling you that it wasn’t anybodys business. Maybe they wanted to save him a trip. Gas is not cheap right now. Seems to me, from what i have read. They didn’t start this crap. Looks like they had some good reason. And i have seen these cars run at auburndale speedway. Excitement they do know how to put on a great show. Certainly if they are listening to their drivers. They are doing better than most. You are just knocking them cause you are friends with that guy.
Why don’t you give it a rest. I have seen where they had 15 or more cars at the track then the regular cars that are suppose to be there. So they are doing great on car count. If anything they didn’t offend anyone. Just a racing nut and i enjoy watch them. Sometimes you just need to leave things alone.
Dont corrupt their reputation. Because your mad your friend got fired. He will be just fine.

Since the two different post you wrote is almost off the board and for the ones that read it will now get to see all over my reply on it…

any time a new post is made to a thread, that thread is bumped back to the top of the list in whatever forum it was placed. forums order their threads from newest to oldest posts.

so, making a new thread to talk to Rex was pointless.

but then, the only thing you were trying to tell him was that he didn’t have a point as you could run your series any way you saw fit.

does anyone know if a “double pointless” statement is like a “double negative” statement? just curious.