I was so overwelmed with the way the pits looked i just had to get a few pictures taken of them (thank you Lisa)

The night was full of excitement without any mishaps, without any flaws with rainchecks and armbands. You drivers, fans are AMAZING.
With over 20 Super late models taking the green to 33 trucks taking the green flag and they all loaded up their trucks without damage. MY hats off to you all. Bombers. Pure Stocks great job, As always.
Would like to say a special thank you to the Fast Mini Cups was so nice to see you all at the track and look forward to seeing you again in 2 weeks. We welcome you with open arms. ALWAYS.
Thank you Race Cars of Yesterday you always put on such a great show for the fans we love having you there. Sportsman/Street Stock thank you for being so patient and running last and putting on such a good show.
Phil you guys are amazing in those go-karts and you all seem to have such a great time when you visit our track. You all put on a great show for us and we are grateful you bless us with your presence.
Mod Minis…you guys rock. We are so happy that you all come to our track with such nice racers and familes. We just love having you here with us.

Get ready for some more exciting changes to make things easier for you drivers. THIS WEEKEND!!!


[size=“4”]Fast Mini Cups :huepfen024: Not Florida Mini Cups
Minor Mistakes - But we all know who you are really talking about.

Also it is not in 2 weeks, its Oct 11th

Again such a a Pleasure, cant wait to come back. THANKS AGAIN[/size]

i am so sorry

I corrected it i am so sorry my friend i dont know why i did that. When i start to type the letter F i just seem to always put Florida instead of Fast