Sprints at Speedworld This Friday

Ok, I’ll start pissing and moaning on Monday about ticket prices for this coming Friday’s wingless Sprint car race at Speedworld…I only paid $15 to see 40 sprint cars at Ocala a couple weeks ago…Come on Speedworld cut us a break!

How much are they asking?

I’m going out on a limb and saying $20. If that’s the case I’ll eat before I get there and have my drinks in the trunk…

It is $20.00 but there is a five dollar off coupon on the web-site which will make it $15.00. Just go to www.orlandospeedworld.org for the coupon.:slight_smile:

Thank you…$5 off beats a kick in the butt.

Here is the direct link for the $5.00 OFF Coupon… Remember, you MUST present the Coupon to take advantage of this great offer.


Just me, maybe–but every time I have showed up for this Sprint Car Show, it has been rained out.
Mayhaps I’ll still show up anyway.


Take off my shirt, turn my Baseball Cap around on my head, dangle a cigarette on the corner of my mouth, blacken every-other tooth in my mouth, and go and protest outside of the Casey Anthony house at 1:00 AM in the morning like all the other…umm…people.

just kidding

[QUOTE=AB195;15425]Just me, maybe–but every time I have showed up for this Sprint Car Show, it has been rained out.

Dont talk like that. Im coming down this weekend.

looking forward to it, buddy

Hey All

Don’t forget to come on over to NSS Saturday too… I may be able to get back over to Orlando Friday Night… I would love to see Rex and everybody racing this week… I think he might decide to grace us with his presence and cars for the matter… ROFLMAO… It all depends upon what time I get done working on a car with someone for Saturday in NSS… Have a great time all…

It will be a fun weekend. My mystery driver and I are running both minis at OSW on Friday, then I am taking my new one to NSS. The famous Ovalracer44 will be in town, so there will be plenty to argue about all weekend. He’ll be racing Friday and Saturday night too.

Sunday, I am off to Daytona to watch a few friends of mine in SCCA, including the glorious return of Tom Rose to the high banks.