bacon grease....

this is what will happen if you eat bacon grease…YOUR FEET WILL SHRINK !!!
carol aka OOZE

bacon grease..jpg

Where did you get that pic of my mom at?

Your Mom ???

OMG…are we related? I think I am your sister !

you just couldn’t resist that big red button, could you?

jeeez louise…

ya got the whole fan damily now… i only clicked it a coupe times… roflll
where have you been Todd? wife clamp down on your fun time? missed ya… OZZIE

Rex decided he couldn’t win without big block power. for once, he’s right.

so for the last month we’ve been shoehorning a Buick 455 into his Mini-Stock.

Rex thought pushing the button was making his motor bigger, that’s what happened to those poor women.

A 455 Buick? Gee, I guess I’ll have to run “Sportsmen” with you guys.

Carol and Bacon grease

I thought I remembered a posting simular to this in the past. After extensive research I found it on the origional board. March 07 she posted another.
Carol, its ok, you can come out, we all have our fetishes.

A 455 Buick?

remember, they’re cracking down on the rule book. i need that vinyl cut as " <=455ci ". hate to get thrown out for not having the displacement on the hood.