Auburndale last night

What can I say other then getting home at 6:30 AM and now 8:15 Am and I am at work. Nothing worse then traveling, not finishing a race and the tow vehicle breaking down. Luckily I drove myself and had only made it 45 min up the road and was able to turn around and bring the car and trailer home. Tow vehicle w/o the trailer actually made it home with a few stops.

Great little track, clean and friendly. They would actually write our weights down on the scales for free and not complain about more trips. This is something more tracks should do. The down side, they take WAY TOO LONG to get the cars started after a caution comes out but they were still able to get the show done by midnight.

I would highly recommend making the trip to see a streetstock race there. What a blast, they have bumpers front and rear that would put a demo car to shame and they use them, what a wild show. I dont think I stopped smiling the entire race. It may only be a one groove track but when you have 4 cars wanting to be in the one spot lap after lap it makes for a great race to watch.

I am beefing up my front bumper now and plan on racing there once completed. Thanks for having us. Other then not finishing, we had fun.