ASA LMS 10-18-08 slab list has started!!!!

Today we had the phone start to ring for slabs on Oct. 18 “The ASA LMS” weekend. One of the youngest Drivers in the field called for their slabs. Matt Cohen and is coach JR Garcia. The drivers are excited to race at a track that is their HOME Track. The list of Drivers from the old FAST Late Model and FASTRUCK Pro’s and KIDS is an impressive one it is:
Matt Cohen
Jr Garcia
Dustin Dunn
Patrick Staropoili (off from Havard)
Casey Caudell
Jason Vail
George Crenshaw
Stephen Nassi
Blake Koch
Ross Chastain
Kevin Masey
Wayne Morris
Drew Brenon
Shawn Bass
Jessica Murphy
Brandon Johnson
Not a bad lineup for the BIGGEST Race at CCMP this year.
If you know of somebody coming. Please have them call 941-575-7223. for parking. This will be a record car counts in 7 different races. You’ll get your moneys worth on this race.
From the desk of Bobby Diehl And I endorse this message.:huepfen024: