Attention Camaro, Firebirds,Nova, Mustangs and sub compact cars

Must weigh 3200 pound with 53% left side with 2 barrel and 3300 with 4 barrel carb. 3300 pound with a standard tran.

We are willing to let these car run with us the rest of the season and will be looking at either letTing you run with Outlaw Street Stocks in 2009 of making a class just for you at CCMP for 2009.

So we are looking for drivers to bring your car to CCMP for our next race.

Also 3/ 4 speed tran are allowed to run with us also the rest of the season must have all gears and stock clutch and 14 pound flywheel

Outlaw Street Stock run on goodyear 8 inch slick if you have hossiers or american racer tires you may run on them we will just stamp your tires for a fee of $5.00 per tire. So you can run the series for the rest of the season.

Looking forward to seeing some of these cars at CCMP this saturday night.

So driver with these cars setting lets get the dirt off then and bring them to CCMP this Saturday night to race with the outlaw Street Stocks.

Your entry fee can aslo be taken of your winnings.

If you have any question on this matter place call me at 813-313-8741
or send me a e-mail at

We want to start another Division at CCMP.
Bobby Diehl And I approve this message!!!:huepfen024: