Happy Birthday to Florida's Most Loved Writer

I know alot of you don’t know my dad but once again, he has been voted Florida’s Most Loved Writer for 2008. Today is dad’s 81st Birthday and I am so grateful to God for still letting us have him.

He had a real rough year last year but he walks now and actually went out to eat not long ago with my brother Rick and his wife Kim from California and mom. I was at work at Orlando and could not go. You can meet him next month at Forever, Florida on Patrick D. Smith Day.

I can’t say enough about dad and what a good man and human being he is. But I can say HAPPY 81st BIRTHDAY to the greatest dad a girl could have.

Your Daughter - Jane

Jane, Please tell your Dad “Happy Birthday” from us. I met him when he was at NSS one night for the Governors Cup race. I think he was Grand Marshall. Chris has enjoyed his books and will try to attend the event next month since I still want him to autograph the books for Chris.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Smith!”


I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! Your books have meant so much to so many people. Anyone who wants to go back in time and live the Florida life of old only needs to read your books! You are so dedicated to detail … the books are awesome.
For those of you who enjoy reading you will want to get these books.
“Forever Island”
“A Land Remembered”
“The River is Home & Angel City”
“The Seas That Mourn”
“The Last Ride”
“In Search of the Russian Bear”

All written by PATRICK D. SMITH

I got “A Land Remembered” from Jane but all the others I was able to get at Books a Million… A couple had to be special ordered but it didn’t take long.

Have a wonderful day Patrick. I will be thinking of you…
carolwicks aka OZ

5 books down and two to go. Although I have to admit that Angel City was too sad to finish…

Better news, my daughter loves “A Land Remembered”, and my oldest boy will be reading it soon.

Happy B-day Mr. Smith!


Give him my best wishes on his birthday and hope he has many many more…