Hendry County

Anybody have a clue what is going on out there? I was geared up to go last week-end but then with no explanation, races CANCELLED! Would love for them to get a good race program together, 4 divisions a night and home before 3:00 a.m. Some of us drive 2 hours or more to get there and it is so disappointing to have to leave before races are over! UDLMCS is coming soon and this will be a HUGE event, hope it is not all night! Any of you “local” people that have not seen the UDLMCS in action, DON"T miss it! Kudos to Ken and his entire staff for the job they have done with this series!

Can’t believe it!

Just went to NHCS website again (first time today) and they have 11 divisions scheduled to run Sat. night! I have been checking all week and as of yesterday there was nothing posted about this week. (Could have been the day before as I worked 12 1/2 hours yesterday. ) With a schedule like that, I would have to take Sunday off! NO THANKS! NHCS is the closest DIRT track to where I live and I have patiently been waiting for them to reopen but just can’t talk myself into 11 divisions of racing so i will stay home. Looks like NASCRAP Sat. night for me and I would much rather be at a dirt track!

Yes NHCS are racing Oct.11th.

Florida Mini Sprint Association called any personnally talked to Larry and he was there at the track working. And he said they are ready for this Saturday.
Hope that helps.