Modified Race- South Alabama Speedway

South Alabama Speedway will be having a “Run What Ya Brung” Modified Race on Oct. 19, 2008. The modified race will be ran right after the Alabama 200 (a pro late model race) on Sunday. 26 or more cars and SAS will pay $2,000.00 to the winner for a 100 lap feature. 10" take- off Hoosier Tires will be supplied by the Track at no charge. For more information you can visit the website at

Entry Fee:$100-

If car count is less than what is expected the difference will be refunded.

Laps and Purse Determined by Car Count

10 cars ? 40 laps, $800 to win, $100 to start

11-15 cars ? 75 laps, $1250 to win, $100 to Start

16-20 cars ? 100 laps, $1500 to Win, $100 to Start

21-25 cars, 100 laps, $1750 to Win, $100 to Start

26 or more cars ? 100 laps, $2000 to Win, $125 to Start


1 Carburetor7.04 lbs. per Cubic Inch

MUST be STOCKED OEM type Clip Modified

10? Late Model ?Take-offs? Hoosier 2045(Lefts), 2070(Rights)

(Tires supplied by SAS at NO CHARGE!)

More Info ? Owner- John Dykes (334) 774-3161 Cell# 334-432-0613
Tech- Rickry Brooks (850)324-6821