Checkered Flag Sprints !!!

The Checkered Flag Sprints promoted by DON REHM performed for us last night at CCMP!!!
This group is made up of some of the finest men (& girl) I’ve had the pleasure of knowing! They treated our kids with so many trick or treat gifts it isnt funny. I think after last night, diabetes will be the disease “of choice”…(hope not tho)

19 driven by Keith Butler won the feature race, followed by the #78 of Mickey Kempgens, and third place was won by the #79 car driver David Slawiak…

Joining in the fun were Mr. and Mrs. Barfield who are such a wonderful joy to know. They were running up and down the bleachers, on and off the track, and supporting their drivers in a huge way. The Barfields are in their 80’s and they sponsor the CFS series…!!! I hope they will be with us for at least 20 more years!
As always Flagman Doug Denham aka “WILD CHILD” had things in control and entertained as no other flagman… :wink: with “flamboyance” :wink:
One thing that made me feel so bad was seeing Scottie Edema out so fast…I think he had some car troubles… Scottie is a well known sprinter and a friend of CCMP for quite a long time and he is very competitive…
I can’t say enough about CFS… there is not a sour apple in the group…
THANK YOU for being so kind and generous to our children and for a real fun and FAST race!!! well we will see Checkered Flag next month at CCMP so COME ON DOWN, or UP, or OVER !!!
carolwicks aka OZZIE
First pic is winner Keith Butler, 2nd. place won by Mickey Kempgens… Dave Slawiak could not stay for his pic as his car was overheating and dripping so he took it in… too bad. he was sporting a NORMAL nice haircut…lol luv ya anyways Dave. think the mohawk looks cool on you! :wink:


Mickey Kempgens.jpg