Free SK Modified Frequency List for North South Shootout

If you purchase a North/South Frequency sheet,I’ll throw in a SK Modified sheet.
They will be available when I get there on thursday afternoon about 2pm.I’ll be
sitting in Section F,row 2 seat 1.I’ll be there all day Friday and Saturday
wearing a red headset.

I have a list of scanner frequency’s for the Modified Tour race at Martinsville
and the North/South Shootout.The list will be $5.00.The list has the top 40
drivers in Northern points and all the Southern drivers.If you buy a list this
weekend you will get the updates at the North/South Shootout in November.The list
will be upgraded all weekend.There will be live updates at various times during the
weekend.During the North/South Weekend you can join my club for next year for a
special price.I’ll be sitting behind the start finish line.If you need a list just
print off the application off my web site and bring it with you.It will save time
on friday or saturday.

I also have a list of scanner Frequency’s for the new Southern Modified Tour.It
includes all the Bowman Gray Stadium Cars. I also have a list for the Late Model
Stocks that race in NC,SC,Va,WV,GA,Tn and all over the south.The list are $8.00
each per year or $14.00 for both list.I also have a list for the ASA Modified Tour
for $5.00.Each list includes the frequency’s of track offical’s,track phone numbers
and web addresses.
I also have used scanners,headsets,new scanner battery’s and other accessories.
I can be reached at
or go to my web site:

Thank you

Ben Lookabill