Hialeah Speedway Racer Dies

From a Florida Race Fan:

I was wondering if I could make a small request if you could put up a small icon to the karnac.com web page for a very passionate and talented mini stock driver from Hialeah Speedway. Number 34 Tracy Halfpenny died today at 3:30pm from a motorcycle accident he was involved in on Saturday. Tracy and his wife Diana were on their way to Bingo like every weekend on their Harley Davidson in Hollywood and were hit by a driver of a PT Cruiser that ran a stop sign. If everyone could just pause and take a moment to remember how precious life is and how important it is to practice safe driving when not on the track! Tracy will always be remembered and loved by his kids, wife, and family and other racers. Rest in Peace Tracy Halfpenny (#34). I love you uncle Tracy.

Sincerely, Rhiannon