Attention all Sportsman!!! CCMP 50 laps !!!!

We have the Sportsman 50 lapper.
10 to 15 cars pays $550.00 to WIN!!!
16 to 20 cars pays $750.00 to WIN!!!
21 to 30 cars pays $1000.00 to WIN!!!
31 to 40 cars pays $2000.00 to WIN!!!
Tell all your Southern Sportsman, Citrus, A-Dale Friends to bring them out and put on the SPORTSMAN SHOWCASE!!!

Call for your slabs. 941-575-7223.
Bobby Diehl

It’s this weekend ?


They are having a 50 laps sportsman this weekend. Hope to see you there

Ha Rick!!

We had this one on the schedule, but with them Super Lates being move up a week (they raced last weekend) because of their rain out at Orlando. We though heck lets make the Sportsman and Open Wheel Modified the Feature Events. So if you can make it should be a GREAT race. Call for your slab and I hope 30+ cars show. WOW!!! Remember the Southern Sportsman of old. 30 cars would be normal. Times have change hope to see you. Rooms at the Motel $39.00. Tell them your with the track.
Thanks for the interest.

Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Add the Morris’s!!!

Wayne Morris and Company. The list begins!!!