Drove the coach down to Zephyerhills got there Thursday. Stopped at a campgrounds on the way down all was well. Got to the track< iwent our to help with teh turns and wll heck broke lose. CO dectecter went off on the coach. Wige paniced COULD NOT FIND ME so she shut down the genreator and opened the windows. Th exahousr frome the gen set was getting into the coach. A fellow camper at the track loaned us an extension for the exhaust on the coach and that helped. We survived Thursday night. Along comes Friday and since the unit was still not working correct the wife had NO A/C and has a real problem with dust and such. I found my meter and went and tested the OUT PUT side of the inverter since all 4 house batteries where almost dead. The amp side should 300 amps PLUS which is impossible on that system. I then tested another circuit board and found an open short to the frame that was causing the problem.
To make a long story short I am in Ornage park with a dead coach headed back to S.C.
DAARA had a great turnout of Midgets, sprints, stock cars and late model stock cars along with the Model “A” class. ONe of teh Skeeters tried to knock down the fence. SInce they do not RACE at RACE SPEEDS the damage was bad but not like a high speed impact would have been.
Wish we could have stayed but glad we did not chance it since teh way it turned out with the coach.

Back to the drawing boards I guess.:ernaehrung004: