UDLMCS Banquet

I just got home and the Banquet was awsome. I’ll post some pics tomorrow.
Johnny Collins trophy was 8 feet tall. The guy parking cars out side the Peabody told me the only way they could get them in their cars was to take them apart. Going to require stretch Limos next year just for the trophys.
Probably the best banquet I’ve ever attended. Bob…

Some pics of the UDLMCS banquet
#1 as you drive in. I knew I was in a strange place when I pulled my wifes little Ford Focus up behind a Bently, and a Maserati was in fronf of that. Little focus felt right at home.
#2 The Entrance
#3 in awe as you walk in
#4 The hardware
#5 An $15.77 pot of coffee. We learned real quict that we didn’t call rom service.

Here are more!

Heres a few more!
#1 Johnny Collins, 2008 Champion
#2 Mark Whitener #2
#3 Shan Smith
#4 Clay Zeigler and Josh Peacock
#5 Rebecca Zeigler and Renee Kelley, Prettiest gals at the ball