17 Paid Entries as of 11-22, I know of 10 others who are sending theirs this week !

Who is next, entries will be pouring in this week, web site will be updated this week with all the names. Jack has been busy and will get it caught up this week. I have two trucks planning to come from San Antonio Texas. I have a couple GA trucks that are making changes to be abe to run the race. Don’t miss out it will be a good one. 7 days to save $75 pre-entry must be in by the 30th. Entry after that is $200, $125 this week.

www.carsracermarketing.com for all the information
407-497-0448 for any questions or concerns.

Another truck entry today, 3 more calls, will you there for the big one ?

Charity Truckers 200
200 Laps $2,000 to win, $250 to start
Lap money, bonuses of over $3,500 dollars…

$125 pre-entry due by November 30th…$200 after that !

Complete payout,scedule etc at www.carsracermarketing.com

Can you handle it, or will you stay on the porch !

Join the big dawgs and get of the porch !

Door to door, tail gate to tail gate action around the 3/8 mile high banked Orlando Speedworld. Be there !

407-497-0448 for more information !