Here is a chance to get things going

You have a small void or CHANCE now that another series is gone. You need to go back to basics and quick. You need to form an All Star type of league that works WITH the tracks, owners and drivers so that all win.
Simple formula is that you have so many drivers from each member track as the BASE for the tour. Then run it like a track against track challenge. If you have 5 drivers from 4 tracks then you have a good starting point. The tour runs at member tracks for an agreed fee for so many races a year. In the working formula from the 1960’s that was ONE show at each track but they had more tracks so you would run two at each. Then you can SELL the series to a non member track for a little more to race at their facility.
Keys to success are:

  1. At least 20 cars that make each show
  2. Not to MANY races.
  3. Run on an OFF NIGHT if possible so all your drivers can make it. (old days we ran on Wed or Thursday nights)
  4. DO NOT come up with a NEW SET OF RULES just for the series adapt a set from your member tracks.
  5. DO NOT sell out to a tire company or an engine builder, instant death to the series.
  6. DO get a title sponsor. Remember that the spirit business has money and so does tobacco. “Jim Beam Late Models” is an idea.
  7. DO get your schedule well planned with RAIN DATES and AVOID other major shows.
  8. PROMOTE THE DARN THING or you will be DOA.
    That is enough from me.