Palmbayer & Tripper

and the rest of you sprint car fans. Looks like Stevie Smith will be the driver of the Zemco Headers machine in 2009. That is always one of the best looking cars in the pits. And usually pretty stout too.

Also, “The Dud” (Lasoski) might be in the Parson #6 car. But it seems Casey’s General Stores will pull the sponsorship if Dud becomes the driver. If I remember correctly Dud and Casey’s have a history. Probably not a good one if they are willing to pull a sponsorship from a car.

There is something inherently wrong with Lasoski that even sponsors hate him.

I’d love to know the real story behind he and Guy Forbrook splitting at Knoxville. I’ve heard stories that back both parties.

What do ya think Dave Blaney will do if his NASCRAP ride goes away? does he still own brother Dale’s car.

Blaney has become entrenched in napcar. He’ll probably take a Nationwide or truck ride rather than roam across the country for 90 nights of racing with a sprint car. Fischer is Dale Blaney’s car owner and they won the 2008 All-Star points championship.

Forbrook was pretty pissed at Lasoski for leaving before the nationals. Even though they won the track championship at Knoxville.