Attention all Track owners ,Promotors, and your Staff!!!

CCMP has two weeks left for 2008. And we would like to invite you and your staff to enjoy the races on us. And if we can have a promoters workshop. Please call the Track at 941-575-7223. Jason will put your name down and we can make up an agenda. Big Events make for bigger crowds. We have the Checkered Flag Sprint Cars, Out Law Street Stocks, Sportsman, Road Warriors, Thunder Trucks and more. It would make a good time to level the rules for all the classesand plan some BIG Events!!! Also we are always looking for ways to improve the Track. So tell all your staff they are welcomed also and we will listen to their comments.
Working together is the Key to Surviving these troubled times.
Thanks !!!
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Short track racing , in fact all types of auto racing , have been designed so that a competitor at one track , or in one series cannot race anywhere else . NASCAR Cup cars are just enough different from ARCA that the two can’t race against each other . NHRA rules are just different enough from IHRA that cars can’t easily cross over from one series to the other . Look at Ken Kinney vs. Ray Miller . ASA vs. FASCAR . Grand American vs. ALMS . Each track , and each promoter or series head wants to be sure that his competitors can’t easily go race with any other organization that might offer better payouts or cheaper tires .
Someone is going to have to make a career decision . Is it a good idea to come up with universal rules so that racers have the option of racing wherever they want ? And that means every time a racer feels slighted for any reason he stomps his feet and goes to another track to race for a week or two to show he means business . Or is it better for each track to build its own base of cars and fans , say to hell with high dollar tours and classes , and build something that racers and fans are content to stay with ?
A universal rules package , and for that matter universal classes , might very well work . But how long before one track owner feels he wants to keep the car count up and starts changing things just enough to keep all of his racers at his track .
One other thing is the idea of track tires . Hoosier is not going to allow themselves to be shut out completely . Neither is Goodyear , or American . So any talk of universal rules is going to have to tackle that question . Open tire rule ? If not , Goodyear will come up with an offer too good to ignore to be allowed in . The same for Hoosier .

There are classes in certain pockets that are universal… DIRT, IMCA/UMP Mods, Dirt Late Model rules (for the most part), 410 & 360 Sprints. It CAN be done, and most racers would be better off if their equipment was equal to what the rest of the country is doing.

Maybe it’s time for each division to stand up for themselves, rather than having the tracks decide the rules for them. It works in the TBARA, it works in the UDLMCS… why can’t it work for the others? Form an association that decides it’s own rules, and stick together as a group. I don’t see either group having car count problems, or tracks that would like to host them.

There are just too many classes here in Florida (which is dumb in the first place), and too many opinions of how each type of car should be built. Look at the “Sportsman” classes around the state… they can’t even race against each other.

Frassy is right!

way too many classes… i understand in a way. tracks are suffering and trying to find ways to survive. the 4 cyls, bombers, and karts etc. dont cost so much so they keep getting added. two or more of each… i would hate if we didnt have SLM, LLM, OWM, or sprints!

Some are working together.

Citrus and Alburndale have come up with the rule package and schedule that we have followed along with. Super Late Models race at Citrus the 1st weekend, CCMP the 2nd, and Alburdale the 3rd. They both combine to Limited, ASA, Goodyear Challenge, and the Supers. We run the ASA, Limited,and the Goodyear Challenge cars together on the 4th weekend. Also the Open wheel Modifieds race at Alburndale the 1st weekend, CCMP the 2nd, 3rd at Citrus, and CCMP the 4th. You do not have to race every week, but last count there were over 125 plus Late Model type cars ,and 75 plus Open Wheeled Modifieds. The Sportsman have all gone to the standard rule package that we all put together. Our 4 bangers are cloose enough and heck the Bomber, Road Warrior, the others are cloose enough too. So I ask again would there be anyone like to get together at CCMP from any other track???.

PS I put a post on Desoto super speedway board. It lasted a very short time. But, if you work there and would like to come (I don’t think they can erase off this Board). Call Jason 941-575-7223.
Thanks for the support and Good Luck in the FUTURE!!!
Bobby Diehl

Bobby , i’m confused by your post . You ask other tracks to join CCMP in rules and classes , then you announce some sort of alliance between your track and Citrus and Auburndale . And between the three tracks , you describe racing on four weekends every month . Are other tracks who join your alliance going to have to fight over the occaisional 5th night per month ? Where exactly would any other tracks fit into your schedule ?
I don’t claim to be an expert on the rules packages of your three tracks , but i don’t know that i believe the part about Sportsman rules being all the same . Nor 4 cyl. or modifieds . And i also have to question your assertion that Limiteds , Super lates , ASA , etc . are all lumped together . That idea has been turned down flat at a number of tracks . If yours are doing it , great . But i don’t recall seeing that .
Please post a detailed explanation of how you expect all of this to work , and especially the rules for each class . Can’t hurt to get it out there ! If it looks good you might get a number of tracks to go along .

Here is my reply.

Florida is a hugh state when you look at distances. Heck if you where in Bone NC. and want to travel. Say 300 miles (Miami to Citrus) you could go to six or seven different states. So keep in mind that distance is a key consideration. I mention that the three tracks have a common thread. With their scheduling. Orlando and New Smyrna are doing their scheduling around their local area as well. Bronson who knows and John does his own thing away. All I was doing was to inviting them and their staff down for alittle fun. And talk, as far as the grouping of Late Models. It has worked for us. We went from 6 to 10 LLM when it was CCS to averaging 21 to 27 Late Models in 2008. The Super like to race in a stand alone type of class at CCMP, But at Citrus and Alburndale the tracks work GREAT for all lump together. I spoke with Joe from New Smyrna about him running the Supers on the 4th weekend (because we do not get any Supers in our Late Model race) and Orlando can do it own thing because it’s on Friday. So if we got together maybe we could make some spiecal EVENTS. But without getting together we will never know. I hope this anwsered your questions. If you need more just call. 813-817-7223.
Thanks for supporting Short Track Racing…
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024:

Attention AJ 14

I hope I answered the question. Let me know!!!
Bibby Diehl:huepfen024:

[QUOTE=carolwicks;19090]way too many classes… i understand in a way. tracks are suffering and trying to find ways to survive. the 4 cyls, bombers, and karts etc. dont cost so much so they keep getting added. two or more of each… i would hate if we didnt have SLM, LLM, OWM, or sprints!

Carol - I agree. I don’t know of very many people who go to the track, other than family or friends, just to watch the 4cyls, bombers, karts, etc. However… many times in 2008, (CCMP possibly being the one consistent exception), I’ve seen less than 10 entries in the SLM, LLM, and OWM classes… I can think of two times in 2008 where I saw 5 or less LLM in the feature, and just last weekend, I only saw one OWM in the pits at Desoto, for an advertised 75-lap feature.

Everyone wants these classes back… but as a fan, owner and sponsor, I’d much rather watch a 4cyl or bomber race with 15-20 cars racing around the track, than one of these premier classes race with only 5 entries.

And, although I love Bobby (he has truly done an amazing job at CCMP, the results speak for itself!), I still STRONGLY feel that he needs to lower both the front gate and rear gate at CCMP, to match what most other (sane) promoters are doing. It’s bizarre to me that the grandstand admission for the 3rd Annual Charity Truckers 200 at Orlando Speedworld tomorrow night is only $10 while the pit pass is only $20, while CCMP’s show is going to cost fans either $15 or $20 apiece, and $30 for my pit pass. (I sponsor a truck that will be in the Charity Truckers race this weekend, but I will instead be attending CCMP tomorrow night… so these two discrepancies in prices do impact me personally)

Hopefully the economy will improve, but for now, these are the classes that are bringing in the entries.


Believe me when I tell you it is hard to keep the doors open with out the Nuts and Bolts not adding up. And that is the front gate, back gate, concession, beer sale, tires and parts, 50/50, sponsors etc…I had to go back to teaching school just to survive. If things would work out I would lower the prices (or if I hit the Loto). We have the car count we have because of the payouts. It takes $28,000.00 a month to keep the doors open each any every month (that why we can’t close down for a Winter Break) rain or shine. I feel your plain in the wallet, but it is what it takes to stay open. I only lease and loans are hard to get. I play the loto (every once in a great while) just for that reason. I also pray to GOD everyday to stay in business. I hope you see where I coming from.
Thanks for the support and We at CCMP will word double hard to keep bringing you the BEST DANG Show possible (I truely hope it’s worth the added cost to you).
Bobby Diehl:huepfen024: