Best of the Best Question

Ok, I hate to call shananigans but I am… I nominated a driver, flagman and photographer and they did not make the list. I also know of a few other people that nominated people not on the list. I could understand if they weren’t in the top 5 (see quote below) but that got changed also. It is fun to do these polls but it looks like someone did some editing before it got released for us to vote. I thank you for doing this but only if it is fair. I would love to hear what happened.

[I]Tonight the nominations end and the top five in each category will then go into a poll for everyone to vote on. Good luck to all and this has been fun.

thanks - Jane[/I]

I did send Jack my whole list instead of the top five - could you please let me know (you can e-mail me and I will check my original list and see if I did send it but I tried to send him everything I received.

Thanks - jane