Derby Update

This is without a doubt the best racing weekend of the year. The Bomber/Sportsman race last night had more passing/racing than the Gov Cup and last two SLM races I have seen. They turned away cars in both classes to get to to a 25 or so car field.

The tracks horrible surface and configuration lead to great racing. There isnt a good groove, so they are all about the same it seems.

Walking the infield and soaking in all the action is amazing - all the best are here and this is worth the 8 hr drive.

Spoke briefly with David Rogers and his crew, they have a fairly new car (2nd race) here this weekend and have been doin very well so far.

Saw Dave Blaney at Cracker Barrel last night - the young Blaney is running the Snowflake and is doing real well too.

Richie Wauters is a damn fool. Everybody in the pits loves what is happening to him -