Poor Pay out at North Florida Speedway

All year long the owners of North florida speedway could not understand why their car counts were so low. I have the answer. The past two weeks they held “special events” at their track. Unannounced were the entry fees for each class. The answer was “we always do this, for the last three years.” An entry fee is not a bad thing. But when you have a two day event, thirty cars and and a entry fee, one would expect more than $60 for seventh place in a hobby stcok class. Or $80 dollars for tenth place in the modifieds. Yes it cost money to operate a racetrack, but it also coast money to race. No we/I do not do this for money, but a decent payout brings me and others back to the track. Unless the payout is posted befor a race, I will not be going back to this track.:frowning: