There are Angels on this earth...

a few weeks ago a little 7 week old baby was severly beaten by her father because she would not stop crying. her beatings landed her in ICU…Little Avery Hutson is one of a set of twins. Their mom is fairly new to Florida and has NO ONE here…thats where the sadness ends and a wonderful new story begins.
One of our fab 4 racers, Derrick Horton read of Averys beatings and, being the single father in custody of his two children, he was appalled by what he read.
Derrick immediately set out to help this woman and her little child. Two of our little ones at CCMP wanted to help make a difference!!! their names are Christopher and Kristen Milthaler.
These three angels from heaven managed on short notice in difficult times to raise over [SIZE=“7”]$2,000.00 !!![/SIZE]
Not only did they raise the money but they made little ribbons with tiny baby feet on them and pinned them to everyone who gave. they used their own money to do it!
I am in awe of these children… they have been raised to love others and to give of themselves. already the world is a better place because of their kind generous hearts.
Thank you Kristen, Christopher, and of course Derrick!!! we at CCMP are so very proud of you. :engel016:
God bless!!!
carolwicks aka OZZIE

Thank God for angels on this earth. With all the bad things that happen, there are good things and good people.

Merry Christmas