1986 - 1987 Modified races at North Wilkesboro

Back in 1986-1991 or so when my father got his first VCR. He would tape every Cup and Busch race. I was going thru them tonight and I found 2 modified races from North Wilkesboro on ESPN. The Lowe?s 150 “LIVE” from September 1986 and spring of 1987.1987 was the year it snowed on Friday night and the infield had snow all around. Satch Worley won the spring 1987 race going away.
Jan Leaty went to the outside coming to the white flag and passed Satch for the win in 1986. It brought back some good memories those were my first years on Ralph Brinkley?s pit crew. I was a lot lighter and had a mullet. The September race had Jamie Tomaino, Doug Heveron,Ray Evernham and Jan Leaty. The announcers were Larry Neuber, Benny Parsons and Bob Jenkins and Dr. Dick Berggren .This was back before they built the garage area.I also found some tapes of Bowman Gray from 19990. My father was doing some taping for Todd and Jerry Hunt. There was a bunch of tapes that had no labels. When I go thru them and identify what?s on them I’ll let you know.
I will make you a copy of these if you would like one for $10.00. Right now I can just do a video tape, I’ll be getting a DVD recorder in the next few weeks. Just let me know by pm or email. bensfrequencyclub@yahoo.com