I need your Wayne Anderson pictures - please.


We’re putting together a new website for Wayne Anderson for 2009 to keep everyone up to date on where Wayne will be racing and what his results are.

If you’d like to help I’d love to have any and all Wayne Anderson pictures you might have - the older the better.

I’ve got some pictures of the current black 84 and even a few of the Porter Cable #25, but if you’ve got pics of the Jani King cars, Porter Cable truck, his Cup car he qualified at New Hampshire, the #35 ARCA car, anything and everything from the early days, or just any pictures you took that you like, please e-mail them to WAR84TM@Gmail.com or post or PM me a link. Please also give me your name so I can give you credit for the photo.

Almost forgot - if you have any photos of the dirt car, I’d love to have those too.