Calling all Figure 8 fans and drivers

Hi guys, with the World Figure 8 Tour coming to Florida soon, I thought I would invite you to visit our website that is devoted to nothing but Figure 8 racing: We’re based in Indiana but we’re wanting to expand beyond our area and include input from all Figure 8 tracks. We are a forum but we keep you up to date on schedules, results, pictures and alot of figure 8 gossip without the BS. We’d love to have some Florida folks give us their views on this awesome brand of racing. We really appreciate how we get alot of drivers come up for the World Figure 8 Championship such as Wayne Calkins, Seth Nistok, Ronnie Schreifels, Neil and Charles Herne and the colorful John Lavalle. Come on over and lets talk some Figure 8. Here’s a link to our site: