Tentative CRA South Schedule Released

CRA previously announced it would have an 8 to 10 race schedule for our first South Points Championship for Super Late Models. Please note that the special event in November is NOT on top of the Govenors Cup (I called Joe at the track to be sure!).

We’ve had a number of Florida racers contact us about this schedule, after FASCAR announced they were focusing on their Track Series instead of a touring schedule.

Early indications are that plan seems to be working well, when you look at the great turnout for the Red Eye…congrats to all those behind the scenes!

2009 CRA South Super Late Model Schedule

1 ^ Sat./Sun., Jan. 24-25 Lanier National Speedway 200
2 s Sat/Sun March 7-8 South Alabama Speedway 250
3 Mar 28 or Apr 4 or Apr 19 T.B.A. 100
4 Sunday, May 3 Nashville Fairgrounds 150
5 Saturday, May 16 Montgomery Motor Speedway 100
6 Saturday, June 6 Monroe Motor Speedway 125
7 Saturday, July 18 Lanier National Speedway 125
8 Saturday, August 15 South Alabama Speedway 100
9 Saturday, September 5 Mobile International Speedway 100
10 Sunday, September 13 Nashville Fairgrounds 150
11 Saturday, October 3 T.B.A 100
12 ^ Sat./Sun. Oct. 31-Nov 1 Nashville Fairgrounds 400
13 ^ Sat./Sun. Nov.14-15 Major Event T.B.A 200

	Tentative Schedule - Subject to Change		
	All Races "Green Flag Laps Only" Except Where Noted		
	* - Caution Laps Count	^-CRA Sanctioned Non-Points Special Event	
	s- CRA Supported  Non-Points Special Event