How about a real stimulus package

Rather then given millions of dollars to arts and preventing STDs, which is where some of the bail out money is going, and given billions to companies who are going to buy jets and other companies, just like the banks did, why not give the money directly to the people.

Take that 856 Billion dollars and give an even amount to every tax payer and watch the economy get moving. I know if I was given a large sum of money I would use it to pay off my loans and buy a big screen TV and other toys, the companies on the other hand will buy themselves stuff and hire no one and do nothing.

That is exactly what the banks did, they took the bail out money to give people loans and bought other banks with it. Damn greed is what is killing this country.

he’a obama send me a stimulus package

i promise you i can spend it wisely — first we will rebuild auburn dale speedway repave it new aircondition club house ever body gets in free for five years drivers get free car and tires thanks to a-i-g — free food rex the owner give him million a month bonus thanks to a-i-g give ever one that has strugled with owning speed way 25 million to spruce up there speed way

no i am not drunk shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt if they can waste the money like they have been doing lets spend some on racing ------------------ faster cars more fun

first we will rebuild auburn dale speedway repave

nothing against Auburndale, but how bout we reopen Saint Augustine and Sunshine first? you guys already got a track. :grinser010:

heck man with 175 billion we can do sunshine

we will even send bobby diel some for charlotte — i said ever body — wecan put a lot of people back to work === send nerone few billion – citrus few billion – orlando new symanra — if you don’t like racing i guess you going be in lot pu --pu — dam my tyneol just wore off see yaaa