"Crate" Late Model Winner?

I took this quote from Speed 51, it is from the “Crate” Late Model winner last night at NSS.
“Seriously I have to thank Larry and Thor Anderson and Anderson Racing for lending me their engine. We felt like we got out-motored last night”

[B][I]This always depends on how the rules surrounding the crate motor for that series//track are made. Take for example the Fastrack serie, you can have your engine rebuilt by approved shop, and sometimes it makes the difference. Reading the following post will give a good exemple.


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What is the real advantage to having a crate motor blueprinted? How much HP/Tourqe is gained?

The 604 engines are production line built and most are nowhere near race engine tolerances. as an example minimum block deck height from the centerline of the crank to head surface can run from 9.020 to 9.037 from what we have seen. we cut them all to 9.021 which is .001 above the minimum legal height. the heads have been running from 61 to 66 c.c. and have a very poor valve job.we cut them to 61 c.c. and redo the valve job with our Newen CNC machine which puts all the dimensions on maximum legal diameters less .001 per side.
The combination of all this will put the engine at maximum legal power just like it would have been if G.M. had closer tolerances.blueprinting doesn’t increase the power above what a factory engine that was built to minimum tolerances makes it just gives you the maximum legal power.
We suggest that customers before blueprinting there engines run them on a chassis dyno and if you get close to 385 H.P. at the wheels with pump gas,run them as is,if your down around 335 or so and the timing and air fuel is correct its time to blueprint the engine. Bill

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