The CCMP "THUNDERING HERD" Champ Kart Challange!!!!

This will be offered to the Desoto Champ Kart Series and the CCMP Drafting Kart Series. There will be a $100.00 BONUS!!! For the highest finishing Driver between the next two Events. This weekend is the first race Feb. 28 (CCMP Daytona Drafting Karts Series Race). And the second is the Triple Crown Weekend of Racing March 13-14-15-09. The Challange race will on Saturday the 14th (Desoto Champ Kart Series Race). We will comebine the points and give a $100.00 BONUS a BIG TROPHY (Sponsored by Glenn Trophy’s)!!! It will be named “THUNDERING HERD” Champ Kart Challange!!! So call to day for your slabs 941-575-7223.
Thanks for those who are part of the CCMP ARMY!!! This is the Fans, Staff, and Teams that support the Track.
Bobby Diehl

The CCMP Drafting Kart Series is fast developing into a fun, racey series. Here’s some video from the last 8 laps, of the most recent race of the CCMP Drafting Kart Series (12 entries), on January 17, 2009:

The winners cash payout for these features is typically healthy (usually ranging from $200-$300 cash for the winner, depending on field size), and the costs of campaigning a champ kart are relatively miniscule, when compared to most other divisions.

It’s a great chance for anyone ages 15 to 71 years of age (the oldest competitor yet), to realize their dream of racing at a stock car track, under the Saturday night lights, in front of fans, without breaking your budget!